Wine tour in Verona

When you visit Verona on holiday, you have to know that Verona is one of the most important cities in the world for its production of quality wine. There are many different areas where wine is produced, the most famous is Valpolicella, but in addition, there are Soave, Lugana, Bardolino and Custoza. If you enjoy wine, one of the things to make a holiday in Verona even more special, is an excellent tasting tour of its special wines.

 There are different ways of taking a wine tour, you can drive yourself and personally visit all the wineries, you can take a guide/driver for a guided wine tour, or you can visit a winery near the centre of Verona by taxi or bus.

This page is dedicated to those who prefer the easiest, and in our option the best way to discover excellent wine, which is the second option, with a guide/driver for a guided wine tour. When we welcome you to one of our holiday apartments or B&B’s, we will book the wine tour for you, or we can manage the reservation by email if you prefer. With our tours, all you need to do is to meet our guide at the winery, and from there, they will show you how the wine is produced, and where it is stocked. You will enjoy a one hour guided tour that will help you to understand the methods of production and why the wines of this area are so special. After this, you will be ready for some wine tasting, so our guide will accompany you to the welcoming room where you can taste 5 glasses of specially selected wine, accompanied by typical salami’s and cheese’s from the countryside.


The winery is open from 10 am to 5 pm, and during this time you can ask for your private tour (lasting around 2 hours)


30€ per person

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